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Who we are

It all started with the realization that manufacturers are not truly supporting the rising number of small-medium ecommerce apparel brands.


“The reality of today’s market is that most medium-small size brands need a much deeper level of support than just manufacturing services”. 


This is exactly the problem Amilla Group was created to solve. Our mission is to help great brands of all sizes succeed by providing them  with all the tools they need in one place.

We are much more than your average apparel supplier. We are a complete,  end-to-end, multi service solution that covers all aspects of your brand’s journey.


Out business strategy is simple. We grow when you grow!

That’s why we aim in building long lasting relationships with our clients. As a result, over the years we have grown and so have our clients! That’s why we now are the proud manufacturer of many established brands that people love.

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Made in Greece with love

Everything is produced under the clear Mediterranean sky, and manufactured entirely in-house in our facility based in Athens, Greece.

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